Marble 7

Marble 7 © Liz Collet,Marble 7 © Liz Collet, Sphere, globe, Glass, Schusser, Murmel, Glasmurmel, Glasschusser, Glas, Shape, Colour, Transparenz, Transparency, Balance, Durchmesser, Diameter, 10 mm Durchmesser, Kugelform, Geometrie, geometrische Körper, Kugelform, Glaskugel, Symbol, Spielzeug, Kinderspiel, Kinderspielzeug, grün, orange, weiss,

Marble 7 © Liz Collet

Marble 7 is one of some hundreds of marbles here in my “little treasures collection”. Her diameter is only 10 mm – as most of glass marbles are. Nr. 7? Simply because she’s been the 7th marble, when I started to shoot some of the marbles in my collection.
They are one of my passions: Marbles. There are some more passions, as You suppose and You’re right. About some of them You may find more here. And even more passions in life. But marbles are amazing little treasures. I do rememeber the vintage tins and boxes of my grandparents used to store utensils of little things You need, like buttons, sewing kits, tools, nails and more. And the wooden sewing box of my grandmother, where I found dozens of buttons and …some little red glassy pearls, coral-red and used to string them for necklets. Diameter rarley 3-4 mm. Loved the shining when light fall upon them, daylight through the window in my grandmother’s room when sitting at her side while she worked to repair some pullovers or knitting and playing with them. My grandfather’s box included some marbles……….and I was happy when he gave some of them away to me.
As child as long as I am able to think I do love them, playing with them.
Marbles (of course such from other material in the beginning) are some of manhood’s eldest toys.

But even more being fascinated to collect them, none of them looking like another, some more beautiful in their colours, shapes. I love to experience how they reflect light and shapes of other objekts. And to hold them in hand or to twirl them…and more.

Never lost that fascination. There are always some of them in a bowl at my desk. In a glass cube and bowl, some in grain, some in water, some pure.

And I do love them as models.

Perhaps You might like them, too?

In case of interest – You might buy them as prints and they are available on several photo products as well. Interested in License for my works? One of several options for You is here.

Any questions or other information? Don’t hesitate to get in contact for details and legal license conditions.


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